ROLFING® Structural Integration

Align to a Greater Potential

What can ROLFING® do for you?

When our bodies are free from physical restrictions and working properly, it is easier to feel comfortable and at ease. It is easier to have a happier outlook on life and to be confident in our skills and abilities. The inverse is also true. When we are in physical discomfort, our abilities and mood are affected, which in turn can color our outlook and our capacity to enjoy life.  By bringing the body back into alignment, ROLFING® SI enhances our ability to function more efficiently and to relate to life in a more positive way. When the body's structure is balanced, movement and function become efficient, the body experiences freedom and ease, and the whole person experiences radiant health.

  • Improve body alignment

  • Reduce pain

  • Speed up recovery from injury  

  • Increase range of motion

  • Improve balance          

  • Enhance performance

  • Boost energy

  • Reduce stress    

  • Improve circulation          

  • eliminate toxins

  • Heighten awareness

  • Replenish zest for life

What is ROLFING®?

ROLFING® Structural Integration Therapy is hands-on bodywork that aims to realign the body in gravity. By releasing tension in the connective tissue, ROLFING® creates lasting structural changes which result in increased mobility, flexibility and ability. ROLFING® can reduce pain and discomfort allowing for greater freedom of movement and optimal function. 

I was introduced to Rolfing® for back pain management. Being very happy in my professional life as a Registered Dietitian and Yoga Instructor, I had no intention of venturing into another career. Rolfing® had such a profound impact on me, that after my third session I knew that I had to become a Rolfer and share it with others. Not only did Rolfing® remove my pain, it also changed my life path!
— Glenda Garcia

Video: Rolfing® SI Featured on Oprah 

meeting and working with Glenda is a pure joy. She is a calm, gentle soul who truly loves what she does. I have had 5 Rolfing® sessions with her and feel I have become aware of body parts that have been dormant for so long......after an accident in 2007 many areas of my body are numb and others are overworking. Glenda’s gentle yet strong touch has enabled and allowed the body to feel again. I wake up with a smile when I know I am going to a session with Glenda......looking forward to my next 5 sessions...feeling very open.
— Heidi Barlow-Lee, Event Manager