The Power of Presence

My personal practice is what fuels my teaching. Yoga poses are magic - connecting with that magic daily is what gets me excited about sharing it with others.
— Glenda Garcia

Yoga Teaching Style

Drawing from her training in Classical Ashtanga Yoga and from revelations of her personal practice, Glenda shares her knowledge of Yoga with the intention of helping others cultivate awareness and peace. Her teaching style emphasizes union of body, breath and mind, regardless of the level or intensity of the practice. More than just movements on a mat, Glenda's classes emphasize proper body alignment, subtle body dynamics, breathing exercises and active meditation techniques. She incorporates aspects of Yoga philosophy into her classes, allowing for a wholesome experience that is beneficial to the health of body, mind and spirit. Her teaching style is suitable for practitioners of all levels, and attention is provided to the individual needs of all students. Glenda is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500) and a Certified Rolfer® Structural Integration Therapist. Her deep understanding of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology is evident in her teaching style.  

Do Yoga With Glenda

Glenda teaches classes and workshops locally. Check out the Events page for upcoming yoga offerings.

List of Yoga Services

  • Private Yoga Tune Up session (1 hour): $100
  • Private Classes (1 to 4 students): 1 hour - $90
  • Group classes: 1 hour - $100
  • Yoga Workshops (please contact for estimate)
  • Workplace Wellness Yoga Programs (please contact for estimate)

Glenda leads you through a basic Sun Salutation

What students are saying about Glenda's classes

I have found Glenda’s yoga practices invaluable and extremely beneficial. She is very patient, providing very clear dialogue as to why and what the poses will do for us. When I think of a yoga practice I think of Glenda, she is an excellent instructor and has a very calming effect at the end of a busy day!! I love her classes!!!
— Elaine Watson - Island Health
I have been practicing yoga with Glenda for 2 years through a staff yoga program she teaches with Island Health (VIHA). Glenda emphasizes teaching her students first, and I think this approach has been the difference in the progress of my own practice. Glenda is super enthusiastic and knowledgeable about yoga, and she loves inspiring others with her experience. I would highly recommend Glenda’s yoga class to anyone with the opportunity to go.
— John - Island Health Employee and Happy Yoga Student
I am a family physician who has taken yoga instruction from Glenda over a two year period. Over that time, I have progressed from a rank beginner to having the confidence to carry a yoga practice at home. Glenda is a talented and personable yoga instructor who leads by example. She is gentle in her guidance and thoroughly explains different postures. She is careful to point out potential injury problems with postures. She also explains how to adapt certain postures if there is an existing injury. Her enthusiasm and love for yoga spills over into the classroom and leaves me inspired to continue my yoga practice. Glenda is an exceptional teacher and I wholeheartedly recommend her.
— Heather Cairns - Family Physician