When our bodies are free from physical restrictions and working properly, it is easier to feel comfortable and at ease. It is easier to have a happier outlook on life and to be confident in our skills and abilities. The inverse is also true. When we are in physical discomfort, our abilities and mood are affected, which in turn can color our outlook and our capacity to enjoy life.  By bringing the body back into alignment, ROLFING® SI enhances our ability to function more efficiently and to relate to life in a more positive way. When the body's structure is balanced, movement and function become efficient, the body experiences freedom and ease, and the whole person experiences radiant health.


ROLFING® Structural Integration Therapy is hands-on bodywork that aims to realign the body in gravity. By releasing tension in the connective tissue, ROLFING® creates lasting structural changes which result in increased mobility, flexibility and ability. ROLFING® can reduce pain and discomfort allowing for greater freedom of movement and optimal function.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does ROLFING® work?

ROLFING® is an approach to whole body integration. It is a therapy that works with the fascia, the connective tissue matrix that surrounds every single cell of the body. By affecting the fascia, positive changes can be made in the muscular and bony structures of the body. Though we may feel aches and pains in muscles and joints, the true culprit is the tension that is stored in the connective tissue. This built up tension leads to fascia that is stuck together, dehydrated, and unhealthy. Through strategically applied pressure that awakens and enlivens the fascia, ROLFING® helps to clear out the tension stored in the tissue allowing it to become more supple, flexible and elastic. The muscles and bones return to their aligned positions and pain is alleviated. ROLFING® not only helps with structural alignment, but also offers a therapeutic approach to reconnecting with all areas of the body. Through skillful therapeutic touch, parts of the body that may be sluggish or numb become vibrant and alive. ROLFING® allows the body to function better. It improves stability, mobility and provides more possibility for a richer, fuller, and happier life.

 How does ROLFING® differ from other forms of Massage or Chiropractic therapy?

Massage therapy aims to relax the muscles. The goal of chiropractic therapy is to align the skeletal structure of the body. ROLFING® differs from these two practices in that it does not directly deal with the muscles and the bones, but rather with the connective tissue. Also known as the fascia, connective tissue has the ability to impact not only what is immediately around it, but also the parts of the body that are a distance away. Take the image of a knitted sweater and imagine that the yarn is the connective tissue. If the sweater is snagged in one area it will affect the weave of the whole sweater. Similarly, when there is tension in connective tissue in one area of the body, it will create tension throughout the whole body. We may feel aches and pains in the muscles and joints, but it is the fascia that surrounds them that needs to be released in order to fix the problem. When connective tissue is healthy, it is supple and elastic. It provides enough flexibility and support for muscles to lengthen and contract, and it allows enough freedom for bones to shift back into alignment and to stay in alignment. ROLFING® is a great complement to massage and chiropractic therapy. 

Who benefits from ROLFING®?

 ROLFING® is for everyone seeking to live a fuller, richer and more enjoyable life. Whether you are dealing with pain or injury, want to improve you athletic performance, or simply want to have more energy and vitality, ROLFING® can alleviate pain and provide you with freedom of movement so you can function optimally and enjoy life to the fullest.

What is the cost of ROLFING®?

The fee for a session is $110. Average sessions are between 60 to 75 minutes long. A discount may be offered to clients booking three or more sessions. 

How many ROLFING® sessions do I require?

Traditionally, ROLFING® is done in a series of ten sessions. The strategy is to work the body from the bottom to the top and from outer layers of tissue to deeper layers. Each of the sessions addresses a certain area of the body. A ten-series is recommended to align the whole body, however, acute problems and pain can often be alleviated in one or a few sessions.

Does insurance cover the cost of ROLFING®?

Most insurance companies do not cover ROLFING®  services, though there have been cases of some insurance companies covering part of the cost if a doctor's note is provided. 


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